5 beliefs about office life that aren’t true anymore

There are many preconceptions of office life, and a lot of people are put off by their perception of what working in an office environment is like. However, the truth is that this has evolved so much over the years that it is impossible to compare how the office used to be, with what it is like now. The working world is changing at a rapid rate, and things that were true a few years back may no longer be the case now.

5 beliefs about office life that aren’t true anymore

We all have our own ideas of what we think the office environment is like, but it’s important to change our views and be more open to the benefits of office life. Here are 5 of the beliefs about the office that simply don’t carry weight anymore. They may have been true once upon a time, but the corporate world has changed since then, and they are no longer true.

1. Open offices boost productivity

The open office idea is that taking away cubicles and walls, and opening up the office will lead to great productivity and collaboration. However, this is actually not true, and it’s often the case that the opposite is true. People are more distracted, spend more time emailing one another, and there is less focus overall.

2. Remote workers are less engaged

One of the other big myths you often hear is that remote workers tend to be less engaged with their work as they aren’t in the office. However, this is simply not the case, and often, the relaxed nature of remote working is preferable for a lot of people. It can lead to greater productivity, and will often result in workers who are more focused and engaged with the business.

5 beliefs about office life that aren’t true anymore

3. Everyone is out to get you

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that everyone is out to get you and would happily stab you in the back. For the most part, people in the workplace just want to do the best job they can and help the company perform as well as possible. And, with a Millennial-centric workforce these days, there is an even greater focus on a happy and healthy office environment.

4. The workforce is miserable

A lot of people assume that office workers are miserable and unhappy with their career choice. In reality, this is no more the case than with people in other professions. So, it is important to understand that a lot of people who work in offices actually enjoy their work, and are happy with the career path they have chosen.

5 beliefs about office life that aren’t true anymore

5. There should be no conflicts or mistakes

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that there should be no conflicts or mistakes in the office environment, but this just isn’t true. Professional conflict can actually be very beneficial at work, as long as it is contained in the right way. Having a bit of conflict and learning from the mistakes that are made is crucial for helping to improve the team dynamic.

As you can see, these are just a few of the myths surrounding the office environment that just don’t hold up anymore. There are so many different ways to run an office in this day and age, and it is simply about finding what works best for your business, and for the staff you have working for you.