The Top 5 Must-Do’s When Moving Into Your New Rental Home

You did it! You found your new rental home and now it is time to get to the nitty-gritty of things. Start finding a moving company, transfer your internet package, start changing your address… The list goes on! When it comes to the rental itself, you are still not done crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s just yet. What do we mean by that? Here is our list of the Top 5 Must-Do’s when moving into your rental.

Norbert Levajsics | Unsplash

1. Take Photos of the Entire Unit

You want to be documenting the condition of the unit and how you received it. Don’t think the photos you sent to your family are sufficient! You want photos of nooks and crannies, drains, anywhere you see mold, dents in the wall, and the like. Think about when you rent a car and the inspections when you pick it up and drop it off. You are doing the same thing for your rental property – and in doing so – covering all your bases with good ole’ proof.

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2. Speak With Your Landlord

Did you find any issues during your inspection? Does a screw seem loose or is a pipe leaking a little bit? Bring all of these issues up to the landlord prior to moving in. By documenting the units’ pre-existing issues and bringing them forward ahead of time, you can avoid many future headaches. Any large fixes? Get the solution put in writing so if the landlord doesn’t come through as expected, you have proof of what was agreed upon.

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3. Document Meter Numbers

When moving into your new rental a lot is on your mind – but you don’t want this to cost you. On the day you take over your new property, take photos of all your meters. This normally includes your water, electricity, and gas meters, so you know what the number they were at prior to your move. Knowing where you started allows you to understand your usage, associated costs, and future expenses. It also provides proof for the landlord and lets them know what they should be charging to the previous tenants.

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4. Deep Clean

When leaving a rental, it is common to slack on cleaning the unit properly. As the renter – this job goes to you, and you will reap the benefits of your hard work. Don’t focus too much on the floors, focus on the bathrooms, windows, drains, and cabinets. By cleaning these ahead of time, you can move in, and begin unpacking knowing that everything is already sparkling!

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5. Be Prepared

Is move-in day close? Make sure to leave some cleaning supplies in your unit ahead of time. Place toilet paper in the bathrooms, leave a set of scissors out, and put some water in the fridge. When you are surrounded by boxes, thirsty, and have to use the bathroom… you’ll be happy you were prepared. | Unsplash