8 Cheap And Easy Ways To Turn Your Rental Into A Home

Finding that perfect rental home or apartment is not an easy feat, but making it into your own home is another challenge altogether. Why put money into a home that isn’t yours to keep? Well, there are simple changes you can make that will turn your rental into a home without the commitment. So without further ado, here are the 8 cheap and easy ways to turn your somewhat temporary living space into your new, home sweet home.

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1. Think About Your Walls

Walls can instantly change the appearance of any dwelling, but when renting, this is not something you would consider. Most renovation shows tear walls down, like the wall between the kitchen and family room – do load bearing beams sound familiar? Well contrary to popular belief, there are many ways to brighten a room or make a room appear more spacious, that don’t have to be so permanent. An accent wall, for instance, can have huge results and does not require any demolition. Is painting too much of a step? Removable wallpaper, stickers, and accents will provide that drastic change you are looking for without the price tag or commitment. Any of these inexpensive wall solutions can be peeled off when you leave and even moved to your next rental.

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2. Consider Window Treatments

Looking for that warm feeling? Do you find that sounds echo off the walls? Window treatments not only provide privacy, but they also bring that cozy feel to a cold space. Simply putting up blinds, curtains, drapes, and the like gives you the chance to tie the colors of the room together. Window treatments easily add new dimensions to rooms while offering many other benefits like blocking unwanted sunlight. Best part? When you are done you just take down the rod or hooks and move them to your next place.

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3. Rearrange Your Furniture

When you move, you have an idea of where things should go, but in truth, it is difficult to picture and measure the best place for each piece of furniture. Once everything is in your new place – rearranging your furniture becomes much easier and these small changes can make a huge difference. Rotating a dresser and putting it on an angle can make a room appear more spacious. Have you tried placing your couch in the center of the room rather than against the wall? It can define the living room and may not be as impeding as you initially imagined. Move some stuff around! It is easy to do and helps you put sizes and dimensions into perspective. Unhappy with your changes? Just move everything back! It’s a win-win scenario.

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4. Incorporate Mirrors

Although a fairly straight forward method, mirrors can easily change a space in its entirety. They can be used for your new accent wall or can make your cozy bedroom seem twice as large. Large mirrors can be fairly pricey and heavy. Look for small, lightweight mirrors with double tapped backsides or ones you can easily nail into a wall, place them together in cool patterns and let your imagination run wild.

5. Invest in Knick-Knacks

Probably the most fun thing to shop for, knick-knacks offer a variety of benefits to a new space while allowing you to truly make it your home. What are we referring to? Think of the perfectly placed potted plant brightening a space and bringing the room to life. A new shower curtain, a simple, cheap fix to an outdated bathroom. Rugs that allow you to define the boundaries of your living room or throw pillows that tie together the multiple color schemes you have going on! Knick-knacks are those smaller accents that can take even a basic hotel room and make it into a home.

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6. Focus On Your Lighting

Lighting is everything when it comes to the appearance of your new space. A dark corner instantly becomes illuminated, a randomly placed chair becomes a comfortable reading lounge – all by merely adding a light. Simple changes such as replacing lampshades, installing bulbs with different shades, or even adding dimming lights make a huge difference in how a room looks and feels, and can really make it a home!

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7. Consider Small Upgrades – Not Large

To clarify, we are not talking about upgrades like replacing your kitchen countertop, but the little things that make a huge difference. These can be as simple as replacing old, faded floor vents with a classy, black cover. Putting in a new toilet seat, which is always nice. No need to replace a door when usually just putting in a new doorknob will give you that same appearance. Outdated kitchen? Replace the cabinet knobs, it is easier than painting and you can take them to your new place when your lease is over.

8. Make It Your Own

The easiest way to turn your new place into a home is to make it your own! Print some photos and hang them on the wall, look into double-sided tape for an easy install. Add a bar in the corner of the room rather than hiding adult-beverages in a kitchen cupboard. Place your make-up table in your living room rather than storing it in the bedroom. Mount your snowboard, bike, surfboard, whatever your hobby on the wall, save space in your closet, and bring your room together. A home is what you make it, it is a representation of you so why not incorporate what you already have and stop hiding these things in the closet! We all know there is not enough room in there anyway.

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It’s Easier and Cheaper Than You Think

With drywall patch kits, so many new adhesive options, and just a little creativity you can change your whole place without even making a hole in the wall. Short term or long, use these fixes to make the impact you are looking for now and know in the future you can use them again. With so much time spent indoors this 2020, isn’t it time to truly turn the space your living in into your home?