Finance podcasts that you should know about

Looking after our finances is more important than ever as the gap between the wealthy and the poor continues growing. To help make sure you don’t get left behind by the 1%, check out these highly-rated finance podcasts to help you with your money troubles.

So Money

If you are new to looking after your own personal finances, then the So Money podcast, hosted by Farnoosh Torabi, is a great place to start. Torabi is a top financial expert, and Entrepreneur voted her show the top female-hosted podcast. The show centers around Torabi’s weekly chats with experts in the business field, authors of financial books, and some of the world’s most impressive people.

Topics covered on So Money include how to manage paying off your credit cards to launching a business, and everything between. Everything concerning money is openly discussed on this podcast, and the real-life experiences of Torabi and her guests really put things into perspective.

Finance podcasts that you should know about

The College Investor

Coming out of college, you might feel as though you have a bleak financial future until you can pay off your loans and debts. It can be hard to stay on top of your finances when you first make it to college, as life is throwing a ton of responsibility in your direction.

Credit scores and budgeting are likely to be new to you, so this podcast tries to put an arm around you and show you the ropes. It’s mainly aimed at teaching students how they can successfully pay off their student debts, and what the basics are for creating budgets to stick to. The advice learned from The College Investor is sound financial planning, and these habits are something that can stick with you for life.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Being in debt is not a situation that many people enjoy when they find themselves in the hole. It can sometimes seem as though there is no way out of the forest, but the Dave Ramsey Show helps you get back on track in small steps. Dave Ramsey has been helping people get out of debt for many years, and he brings his financial expertise to this podcast.

His concept is to start small, make tiny little changes than can eventually snowball in a positive way to make things like mortgages, car insurance, and loans manageable. If you are struggling to make a dent in your personal debt, then this straight-talking podcast will help you get the ball rolling.


Finance podcasts that you should know about

Smart Passive Income

Many of us want to have better lives, but it seems as though it’s practically impossible to do so without more money. Pat Flynn is an experienced entrepreneur who will help his listeners make the steps to start fulfilling their financial potential through his podcast, Smart Passive Income.

The weekly podcast gives listeners tips on how to build their own business into a success so they can aim their sights at early retirement. It’s not just Flynn speaking though, and he has plenty of guests who share their own secrets to success, and help you become a more productive person. No matter your goal, Smart Passive Income will help you create a plan to take it to the next step, and beyond.

Looking after our finances is important, and these podcasts can help you start good habits which will keep you in the black and out of the red.