Ways to work from home without getting distracted

More and more jobs are making it possible to work from home nowadays, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it means that we don’t have to tackle the dreaded commute and can spend more time at home… However, it can be tough trying to stay motivated and ‘in the zone’ at home. After all, there are some great shows on Netflix that you could just binge instead of getting any work done. If you’re finding it hard to work from home without getting distracted, then you’ll want to follow these helpful tips.

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The Pomodoro Method

If you haven’t heard of the Pomodoro Method yet, then we’re about to blow your mind. It’s based on research that shows us humans can’t stay focused on something for longer than around 25 minutes, usually. After 25 minutes, our minds start to wonder and we find ourselves aimlessly scrolling through social media. However, with this method, you’ll find yourself in the zone for the full 25 minutes. You’re then rewarded with a five minute break at the end, to do whatever you want to do – even if it is just scrolling through social media. There are plenty of apps out there that will actually block certain websites for the full 25 minutes, so you can just focus on the work you’ve got to do. An alarm will sound when the time is up, which means you’ve got your five minute break. Try splitting your day into chunks like this and you’ll be surprised at how productive you are.

Get a designated work space

If your ‘work from home’ set up consists of your couch in front of the TV, don’t be surprised when you’re not feeling all that productive. After all, your subconscious mind knows that this is a place for relaxing – not for getting on with your work. It won’t be long before you’ve turned the TV on and are giving yourself an impromptu day off instead. If you have the space, then try to build a dedicated work area with a desk and office chair. Just the act of sitting at your desk will instantly make you feel more productive. You’ll also be able to switch off at the end of the working day, without feeling like you can’t avoid work.

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Put your clothes on

Research shows that those who try to work in their pajamas at home are far less productive than those who are fully dressed for the day. Again it comes down to our subconscious minds. We know, deep down, that pajamas are the kind of thing you wear when you’re relaxing. However, if you were to dress up, then you’d be far less likely to get distracted. You’ll put yourself in ‘work mode’ and find it a lot easier to get things done. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a full suit when you’re working from home, but you should definitely make an effort to put some proper clothes on. Have a shower, wear something smart, sit in your designated work space, and watch what a difference it makes to your productivity.

These tips may seem super basic, but you might be surprised at what a difference they make. Just changing a few things about your work from home set up should help you stay more focused and less distracted. Now, get back to work!