Podcasts about finance that you should definitely listen to

Money management can be a struggle for just about anyone, but if you have the right person guiding you, it can help make things a whole lot easier. So while most of us can’t afford our own personal financial planner in the economic climate of 2020, you no longer need one in the first place. Naturally, we would all prefer one-on-one attention from our own personal money manager, but while we work on stacking our millions, there are a whole lot of podcasts out there that will do in a pinch for helping to decode the nearly indecipherable language that is responsible fiscal planning. Whether you are trying to climb out of debt, diversify your portfolio, buy your first home, or start a new business, there is a podcast that will speak to your individual needs and help you achieve your unique financial mission.

Great podcasts about finance that you should definitely listen to

So Money for those who are just starting out

Farnoosh Torabi hosts this comprehensive podcast that investigates as many aspects of the financial world as possible. Drawing from the personal experiences of herself, as well as a handful of guests who are seen as experts in the field, Torabi conducts conversations that answer a wide array of commonly asked financial questions. She walks the listener through some of the most common financial downfalls like credit card and student loan debt. This podcast is perfect for people who are just starting out on their financial path, just now making their first budget, taking on a first major fiscal responsibility, or opening their first business. Listening to this podcast can help set you on the right path when it comes to money and help make sure you continue heading in the right direction.

The College Investor for university students and recent graduates

One of the first things this podcast will teach its listeners is how to properly budget in order to pay back their student loans. Being a young 20-something and trying to navigate the financial world can be a daunting task, to say the least. Working on a degree and keeping track of finances can be almost completely impossible, but spending time listening to The College Investor podcast can answer some age-old questions for students seeking financial autonomy. The podcast also touches on “side hustles” and being your own boss, so there is no reason why a seasoned financial pro can’t learn a thing or two from listening in.

The Disciplined Investor for veterans of the market

For people who have been growing their portfolio for awhile, The Disciplined Investor is a deep and insightful conversation about where the market is going, what the federal reserve is up to, stock trends, and a wide variety of other investment based topics. While the conversation would most definitely be more interesting to a seasoned veteran, a newbie could absolutely learn a lot from Andrew Horowitz and his cast of guests who sit in to discuss high-level market fluctuations. This podcast may not be as universally useful as others, but for those in the know, it is likely the most interesting and complete program around.

Great podcasts about finance that you should definitely listen to

The Fairer Cents for women involved in the market

Kara Perez and Tanja Hester are using their perspective as women involved in finance to tailor-make their podcast so that it speaks to the unique issues of their own demographic. Perez and Hester bring on a diverse variety of guests to espouse their message about the topics that matter most to women who are currently working on Wall Street, and in the periphery of the stock market. Fairer Cents dives headlong into women’s particular struggles with maintaining a power position in the investment world, while still being able to pursue pregnancy, enjoy motherhood, and be respected while building their portfolio.

The Mad Fientist for investors pursuing financial independence

“Financial independence, retiring early” — or F.I.R.E. — is the mantra of The Mad Fientist podcast and blog. The whole idea is to talk about how to achieve financial independence young, and then retiring before the generally accepted age. What makes it so unique is that they also discuss how to achieve happiness while keeping your eye on that brass ring. Mr. Money Moustache, J.D. Roth, and the Frugalwoods are bringing a one-of-a-kind perspective to finance that speaks to a different kind of investor. Some people want a long and illustrious career, but the people who would find The Mad Fientist most interesting are those who are looking to call it a day early, careerwise.

Great podcasts about finance that you should definitely listen to